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소재 소개 Bemberg
Bemberg - It is the product which had a superior characteristic.
cotton About Bemberg···
Bemberg brand cupro is the gentle fiber - a pure cellulosic fiber, reborn from the linter of the cotton planet.
Gentle on the earth, through its origin in a natural renewable resource.
Gentle on people, through its smooth, free, elegant comfort, all year round.
Gentle on the environment, through its 100% pure cellulose composition that inherently returns to its natural origins by biodegradation or clean-burning incineration.
With the growing awareness of its gentle elegance, Bemberg is becoming the fiber of choice for innerwear and outerwear, for bedding and interior furnishings, and for many other fields.
Please try Bemberg so that feeling smooth, gentle interface on skin and fabrics, and its fresh, free comfort.
Bemberg is a registered trademark of Asahi Kasei Fibers Co.; cupro the generic term for fibers also known by the chemical name cuprammonium rayon.
Material - Bemberg is···
A characteristic of Bemberg lining
A characteristic of Bemberg sleeve lining
A characteristic of Bemberg knee lining
Bemberg lining Bemberg sleeve lining Bemberg knee lining Bemberg lining Bemberg sleeve lining Bemberg knee lining