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Cultural exchange with Korea
ButtonA seminar Meeting place:Ikedakigyo co.,ltd. Osaka office
~table manners & wine seminar~
In a place of business, an impression for a partner should change in what we do not know with what know table manners.
A seminar is planned for skill up of the employees.
A lecturer

A lecturer : A famous Hotel sommelier

ButtonA lecture of the table manners which is usable by a business scene

  1. An order: In the case of business, you had better convey priority or an order entirely first.
  2. Seats: Should know which seat is the best seat for a guest.
  3. Payment: Leave a shop once before payment to see a guest off and come back to pay the bill.
  4. Table napkin: Take a table napkin after everybody sits down and fold it half.
  5. How to take a sit: Right or left side may sit down. Take a sit 10cm far from the table.
  6. Rules: There are minimum rules to be able to spend time comfortably each other.

ButtonBasics knowledge of wine

  • A viewpoint of a label
  • Because Pinot Noir is basic, a grape does not write a kind of a grape in the case of Bourgogne
  • An ingredient of bitterness //Tannin
  • Bourgogne does not cost a decanter.
  • Bordeaux costs a decanter.
  • There is shine and had better be clear.
  • We own it in an eye-level and are substantial after it was flowed into a glass if a part of an edge is thick.
  • We watch the speed of falling liquid (a reed) after we knock it down in the other side diagonally, and waking you up.
  • There being sugar of a grape well slowly.
  • We enjoy a fragrance.
  • At first we smell it quietly without waving it.
  • We taste a fresh fragrance of an original grape.
  • We are stirred up next and feel a difference.
  • We enjoy it in a mouth a little without we take it in a mouth, and swallowing it immediately.
  • When a nose produces breath, another fragrance spreads.
Cultural exchange with Korea
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