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Cultural exchange with Korea
Cultural exchange with Korea
Export I .K LAC & CO.
I .K LAC performs the export of textiles and yarns to Korea.
Now we export cupra yarn for linings, velvet textiles and cupra lining products of Asahi Chemical Industry and Ikedakigyo Co., Ltd. of our company's parent company to Korea.
We secure the business results more than 300,000,000 yen every year of the past.
Two Korean staffs who can speak Japanese and English.
Korean classroom As for Ikedakigyo, business with Korea is prosperous, too.
Therefore we perform a high-level lesson to be used for business in this classroom established for improvement of employees.
Teachers speak Korean, Japanese , English well.
They are kind and polite, you can learn guidance in peace.
Japan-Korea cultural exchange A purpose of this meeting is that to plan getting close it smoothens business between Korea and Japan more and deepen each other's understanding through the Korea-Japan culture, the history to make friends with visitors from Korea.
We invite Tenri University professor and keep meeting to be able to enjoy together such as a business lecture.
Cultural exchange(Around Mr. Matsuo of the supervisor)
Cultural exchange(Around Mr. Matsuo of the supervisor)
Seminar Table manners Wine seminar
Cultural exchange with Korea
Language class(Korean)
Korea-Japan exchange society
Lounge lesson