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The history of Ikeda Kigyo
The history of Ikeda Kigyo
It began from Tanimachi, Osaka in 1919.
The history of Ikeda Kigyo
Button1919 Founder Nobutaro is a sale start of wool cloth (a wool textile) in Hokuriku. At first deferred Taro began sale of wool cloth (a wool textile) which he purchased from Tanicho, Osaka in the ground of Daishoji of Hokuriku at the age of 24 years old.
In Hokuriku that was cold districts, wool cloth was used to a mantle for tools for protection against the cold well, and it was it with good business.
Button1920 Enuma-gun, Ishikawa Prefecture(Kaga-shi) Daishoji.
Sell pure silk fabrics habutae silk textile as lining around Osaka and start.
Subsequently he had his eyes on still rare "clothes" in Hokuriku.
With the faith "that demand for lining is sublimed into as much as clothes are necessary", he asks textile industry ground of Daishoji for production of clothes lining at once.
It was a production center of pure silk fabrics habutae silk textile and in Hokuriku, the lining therefore to make was selling like hot cakes with demand for menswear which soared originally.
In this way it may be said that having had its eyes on lining not a dress material of clothes, his idea and acting power that let a production center and a consuming place connect directly again were connected for the success.
Button1926 "The joint-stock company Ikeda kigyo" establishment.
Osaka Ikeda Kigyo Hambai. in Tanimachi, Osaka.
Established Osaka office in Tanimachi while we got confidence from this and established "joint-stock company Ikeda kigyo" for the purpose of production of pure silk fabrics men's lining (satin) in Daishoji in 1926.
Button1930 Establish a branch in ManchuDairen in a production factory in Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi. A production sales network is expanded more and plans production of kaiki silk and be dyed, and warp passes through twist / a thread and builds weaving and the coherent mass production volume sales system afterwards. Establish a branch in ManchuDairen in a production factory in Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi.
Button1931 Switched a direction to production / sale of a Bemberg textile. Asahi Bemberg silk thread (Asahi kasei seni now) which started production of cupra (Bemberg) raw yarn in this time, Ikeda kigyo was blessed with good luck to be engaged in the work from straight cupra So period.
Button1933 "Reiyo textile Co., Ltd."(Now, head office of Ikeda kigyo co., ltd.) The purchase of "Reiyo textile Co., Ltd." (Now, main office of Ikeda kigyo co., ltd.) was realized. (Reiyo was equipped with about 6,000 tsubos / twist machine / partial warper / 160 jacquard weaving machines / a warehouse.)
It is a production of cupra lining start in Hokuriku. We export artificial silk "mon palaces" to production, Manchu. At a peak hour, we recorded the amount of Japanese textile export of the second place.
Button1940 Suspension of business is in a state for war.  
Button1951 Reopen production of last dyeing and weaving things sale of Asahi Bemberg (cupra). Moved a foothold after the war in Komatsu from Yamanashi and in Hokuriku, will deal with production of men's lining AK1150 which is the first chop product of Asahi Kasei . It is piece dyed stripe lining twist / dyeing / the weaving of Ikeda Kigyo and was unique at Hokuriku production center technology that we cultivated at this time became a base of postwar development
Button1953 Produce AK1150 becoming the first Asahi Kasei chop article and start.
Weaving machine / twist machine / Yarn dyeing machine / Seikei and founds facilities complete set.
Button1963 A yarn be dyed and founds cheese dyeing facilities of the latest method and adds the trust dyeing processing work.
Button1964 Nobuhide Ikeda became second president of Ikeda kigyo co.,ltd. Was next with a trace of Nobutaro; Nobuhide president pays his attention to demand for ready-made clothes expansion with high growth. Lining supply of a rational price by a more effective production system thought with requisiteness.
Button1966 Switched from dyed piece to dying graige lining. Start development and sales of knee lining.
Button1968 About 140 employees. A flow of outside order textile production is strengthened.
Button1972 Become outside order textile production 100%.
Button1979 I.K Orimono Co., Ltd . / Ikeda Kigyo Hambai Co., Ltd. / Osaka Ikeda Kigyo Co., Ltd. establishment. Establish the other company aiming at promotion of efficiency of production / sale and assume it the division of labor system.
Button1981 An article for Korea, a raw yarn sale start.  
Button1985 Cupra raw yarn export becoming serious to Korea. I.K LAC & CO.
I.K Trading Co., Ltd. establishment.
Established the other company for a primary occupation of an export trade.
Button2000 Dyeing business closedown. Close the dyeing section which followed for 37 years. I realized slimming of a business quickly.
Button2002 Naotaka Ikeda became president of Ikeda kigyo co., ltd. Naotaka takes the company as the president (existing) and we make use of technology / development power to be able to have and suggest many new products to a market, and sale development to foreign countries activates a new flow while realizing creation, skill.
Lining material of a sleeve of a domestic men's suit held about 30% shares and adoption in main apparel / suburbs model specialty store occurred successively and recorded a record high in 2004. President of Ikeda kigyo says "The pinch is a chance." His thought infiltrates employees  and face it in the future while succeeding to the tradition that went over angry waves of interval several degrees older than establishment of a business 80.
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