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The production sale consistency system
The production sale consistency system
A thorough quality control and a quick response are realized by performing it from management of cooperation textile industry to dyeing ordering duties of a textile, sale to a customer (a wholesale dealer / a business firm) among groups.
The Ikeda Kigyo group which evolves
A raw yarn maker Arrow  

The raw yarn stocking/Management of material distribution Arrow WeavingArrow
ButtonIkeda Kigyo
It is central existence of a group and manages all processes from the raw thread stocking to product sale.
High quality and a quick response are realized by this system.
ButtonCooperation textile industry
Warp preparation factory
Cloth factory

Production control/Quality controlArrow Dyeing of greigeArrow
ButtonI.K Orimono
Production control of textile industry and quality control of textile are chief editor duties of I.K Orimono
Buttondyeing subcontractor
Dyeing of greige consigns it to a major dyeing company.
All procuts are marked chop mark (a guarantee of quality mark).

Greige product saleArrow WholesaleArrow
ButtonIkeda Kigyo Hambai Co., Ltd./
We sell greige in a business firm and a wholesale dealer.


Export ButtonI.K LAC :
We export lining and raw yarn to Korea.
ButtonIkeda Kigyo Hambai :
We perform the Bemberg dyed yarn to American export.
China of the lining.
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The production sale consistency system
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