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Guidance of Ikeda Kigyo
ButtonHead office Ru-90 Shimamachi, Komatsu-shi, Ishikawa 923-0303 Japan MAP
TEL:+81-761-43-0552 FAX:+81-761-43-0910
URL http://www.ikedakigyo.jp/
ButtonOsaka office 9-29, Kitayama-cho, Tennoji-ku, Osaka, 543-0035 Japan MAP
TEL:+81-6-6773-2770 FAX:+81-6-6772-1401
ButtonCompany foundation
(The establishment of a business)
April, 1950(April, 1919)
ButtonCapital 11,500,000 yen
ButtonA representative President-Director Naotaka Ikeda
ButtonThe number of
18 people(Include a group)
ButtonBusiness contents We purchase cupra raw yarn (a trademark Bemberg) of Asahi Kasei Fibers Co., Ltd. and we dye it and order it from a textile after production in an outside order factory.
Then we sell a lining product in apparel supplier / men suit production retail whole country chain stores through wholesale dealers / business firms of the whole country.
In addition, we export Bemberg raw yarn / lining to Korea directly from 1970's.
We are developing a business to sell Bemberg lining for men's suits directly in business, selling lining in China and Korea.
ButtonA company concerned * I.K Orimono Co., Ltd.(Komatsu-shi)
* Ikeda Kigyo Hambai Co., Ltd.(Osaka-shi)
* I.K LAC & CO.(Osaka-shi)
ButtonPR A feeling to wear of a suit is controlled greatly by lining.
As for the good lining, static electricity or sweat improve such an unpleasantness.
The Bemberg lining which cotton used chemical fiber thread cupra of raw materials for is the most suitable representative existence.
Ikeda Kigyo limits raw materials of a sleeve / knee lining of a men's suit to a Bemberg and repeats a study, and production is mainly a peculiar company selling.
Reputation of a design and, on quality, the appointed date of delivery, is good is proud of a national share of 20% at 30%, a knee by a sleeve.
ButtonA characteristic
of a company
Ikeda Kigyo is a production sale company of the textile which passes to 3 generations since the establishment of a business of 1919, and it is continued more than 80.
A basic company idea since the establishment of a business is to take good care of an associated company with a visitor to take good care of an employee and the family to follow System of manufacturing sales consistent.
Our company has lively employees. And average age is 30's.
ButtonA business policy We continue making steady efforts without losing mind / passion for production sale of the lining which founder Nobutaro Ikeda and Ikeda take life and cultivated.
Therefore we always take market reclamation and article development and quality control and rationalization into consideration.
In addition, we think about a talented person / an article / fund balance and aim at building the new history of own way company by a generation of oneself.
Furthermore, we deepen interchange with all clients including foreign countries and aim at doing our business relationship to a strong thing.
ButtonDevelopment of a Bemberg business For further Bemberg business expansion, all we employees work hard for stronger will day and night.
Company profile
Guidance of Ikeda Kigyo
The production sale consistency system
The history of Ikeda Kigyo